let us just say that if there’s one thing that i am absolutely a pro at, that would be stalking through the internet.

What is stalking by the way? it is somehow being like the shadow of someone you’re interested, infatuated, crazy, or just maybe curious about, you follow where they go, know what they are doing… or on my case, read everything they post in the internet.there are certain issues and limitations on stalking, such as, it could most probably turn into obsession or it can harass the privacy of the person that is being stalked, but that is not the kind that i am into.

teenagers nowadays are too much into the internet, i myself got tons of social networking accounts, facebook, twitter, multiply, and many others on the list; here we just write or post anything under the sun, mostly what we do, who we just talked with; and on my age we’re pretty much obsessed on obsessing to different persons. I have been lately lurking into accounts of persons i’m insecure about, persons that i hate and also persons that i like. there are all sorts of different motives.

I remember when me and a friend were talking about how we stalk so many profiles on our facebook account, we would view pictures and back read on their statuses, but that ends there. Unfortunately not all has a certain self control to stop there, others would want more information. i myself have experienced being the one that’s stalked and it is not at all pretty because even my family were included, the stalker started adding them and talking to them… fortunately though, i fixed through a nicely done conversation, but again not all can be negotiated and when that happens, never be half- heartened about telling someone, your parents or a guardian should be the first on the list.

And I’m not claiming that stalking is a healthy habit, because it certainly is not. but when a situation calls for it, make sure that we stay on our boundaries, just imagine there’s a peeping tom on your window at night when you’re dressing, you wouldn’t want that right? so what makes you think anyone would like to be all fussed about?

There is no harm in making sure you’re not causing harm to others.


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